Friday, March 26, 2010

My first award!!!

I am so excited!!! I got my first award. Thank you Fern so much. I love your blog and you inspire me so much.
There are a few rules that I need to follow as I accept this award:
1. Give a top ten list of things that make you happy
2. Give a top five list of trivia about myself
3. Share the award with only 5 people and ask them to do the same
4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person who gave it to you!!

So I guess I will start with my top ten.
1. My wonderful loving husband that supports my scrap habit.
2. My kids...but that depends on the day and the kid...hahaha. All you moms know what I mean.
3. My family and friends who listen and pretend to be interested even when they arent.
4. My cricut
5. My kids bed time.
6. Starbucks
7. Chocolate
8. Ice cream
9. The Twilight saga Movies and Books
10. Being at home.

Top 5 list of trivia about myself
1. I have been on message boards for awhile but I never post because surprisingly I am shy at first even online. I know...go figure.

2. I am a Disney-holic. I love everything about Disney.

3. I am a coupon fanatic and I love to save money.

4. I am addicted to playing bejeweled blitz on facebook.

5. My favorite singer of all time is Jewel.

I have decided to share this award with a few people who help inspire me.

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