Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WOW!!! I got a cherry on top!

1.Thank the person who sent it to you.
That would be Peggy and Donna. Thank you so much ladies. I am in awe that people out there like what I make and look at it on purpose because they want.

2. Copy award to your blog.

3. List 3 things you love about yourself.
a: I love that I found a wonderful husband who loves and supports my scrappy habit.
b: I love that I am my own person. I seem to march to the beat of a different drummer.
c: This is a new one for me but the more I see the drama they are the happier I am that I have all boys and NO GIRLS....lol

4. Post a picture you love.Tanner got his first haircut at Disney world. For your first hair cut the give you a set of ears that say my first hair cut on them. This is him seeing his cut and ears for the first time.

5. Send the award to 5 blogs you love.

1: A Sprinkle of This and A Pinch of That
2: Bits and Scraps of My Life
3: Turned Gypsy
4: The Scrapping Goddess
5: Live Teach Love Scrap Laugh Life


  1. Well aren't you the lucky one to have drama free boys!!!! My boys are worse than girls!!!! And then I gotta deal with all of the "girl" drama too cuz they won't quit calling my house or stalking my sons.....its a curse.....LOL. Thanks you SO much for my cherry on top!! Glad someone reads me on purpose too.....LOL. I loved that line :)

  2. Thank you so much for my Cherry On Top award. I feel honored that you stop by and check out my blog. I have met such wonderful ladies and a few gents in this Blog world. I think your blog is great. Thank you again.